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How Cnectd Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please ensure you have the latest version of CNECTD.
We are constantly updating all our versions. Please download the latest version from the relevant App Store or by visiting from your mobile phone's web browser.

What is Cnectd Messenger?
Cnectd is a cross-platform messaging application for mobile devices. Cnectd provides real-time messaging with push notifications so that you can keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues without paying the costs of SMS text messaging. Cnectd is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.


Why should I use Cnectd Messenger instead of SMS?
SMS messaging is limited in length and functionality and is very costly. Cnectd Messenger provides advanced messaging at a much lower cost than SMS by using your existing internet data plan.


Where can I download Cnectd Messenger?
You can download Cnectd directly from the Apple App Store, Android Market or BlackBerry AppWorld. You can also visit directly from your smart phone’s web browser and we will automatically direct you to the appropriate mobile App Store to begin your download.


What is Cnectd License?
In order to use Cnectd you will require a valid license. Licenses can be purchased via an In-App Purchase directly from within the application (part of the Registration process).

Licenses are usually time sensitive and expire after a period of time, usually 1 year – at which point you can purchase a new license. Larger volume licenses can also be purchased directly by completing the form on the Bulk License tab. Please see the Licencing Section in the FAQ for further details.


I changed my phone, can I continue using Cnectd Messenger with my current account?

Yes! Simply install Cnectd Messenger on your new mobile phone and login with your existing account details. All your details, contacts and groups will be available after you login.


What do the icons next to my messages represent?
Cnectd Messenger provides Sent, Delivery and Read Receipts for all peer-2-peer messages.

  • Messages with a tick indicate that a message has been successfully Sent to the server.
  • The ‘D’ symbol above the tick indicates that the message has been Delivered to the recipients device.
  • The ‘R’ symbol above the tick indicates that the message has been Read by the recipient.


I want to use Cnectd Messenger to communicate with a large group of users like my Business or Organization?

Cnectd offer groups of 20 or more the ability to purchase licences at a reduced rate. Please click on the Bulk Licencing link on the website and fill in the form and we will be respond to your request shortly.


How can I find my friends who are using Cnectd?
Cnectd Messenger lets users link their account to Facebook which automatically keeps your Cnectd contacts in sync. As soon as any of your Facebook friends link their Cnectd account to Facebook they will automatically be added as a contact on Cnectd Messenger.

Cnectd Messenger also provides search functionality to find your friends who are using Cnectd.


How can I invite my friends to Cnectd?
Cnectd allows invites via Email, Facebook and SMS (platform dependant).


I want to change my display name.
Cnectd Messenger offers users the ability to update your Display Name. This can be edited in your profile.


I am not getting a notification when a new message arrives.
Please email for further assistance. Please remember to include details such as your phone make and model so that we can assist you better.


Can I chat to Blackberry users with Cnectd?
Yes, you can chat to friends using BlackBerry devices. Cnectd Messenger is available for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.

If you want to talk to your friends on BlackBerry devices, each of your friends using a BlackBerry would need to install Cnectd onto their BlackBerry devices and create a Cnectd ID. You could then add them via their Cnectd ID and chat with them as you would over BBM.


I cannot remember my Cnectd ID and/or Password?
Please email Please include your Cnectd ID and registered email address and any other relevant details about your account if you do not know your Cnectd ID.


How and where can I purchase a Cnectd License?
Once you have downloaded the application, please select Sign-up. You can sign-up manually or by using your Facebook account. You will then be prompted to purchase a license via an In-App purchase. Once your license purchase is complete, the new license will automatically be applied to your account.

You may also get free licenses to share with your family and friends, all of which can be managed in the Manage My Licenses section of your application.


How do I share / send licenses?
If you have additional licenses to share, go to the Manage My Licenses section where you will find a list of your licenses. Each license will have a status and can be shared until it is Redeemed.

To share a license, click on Send and then select how you wish to share the license (SMS / Email). The license key and all details are contained in the pre-formatted communication.

Any redemption of your licenses will display on the Manage My Licenses screen and you will automatically be added as a contact to the redeeming party.


How do I redeem a License Key?
If you have received a License Key, please download the Cnectd application and Sign-up. Once you have signed-up, you will be asked whether you want to redeem or purchase a license. Select Redeem and enter your License Key.

Please ensure you have copied it correctly as they are case sensitive. Use Copy and Paste if possible.


How long is my Cnectd License valid for?
You license is valid for the specified period of the license from the date of redemption.


What happens when my license expires?
You can purchase a new license via an In-App purchase. You can check the expiration date of your license in the Manage My Licenses section of the application.


Can I create my own groups on Cnectd Messenger?
Yes, Cnectd Messenger lets users create and manage their own groups. Cnectd Messenger provides advanced functionality such as the ability to invite, remove and ban users from groups.


Can I invite contacts to join groups?
Yes, you can choose to invite users to a group by inviting them by their Cnectd ID or simply by selecting them from your list of contacts.


How can I view all the members of a group?
Users can view all the members of a group by choosing the View Group Members option from within the group profile.


How can I setup Cnectd to make a sound and vibrate when I receive a new message?

On your home screen you will find the Sounds / Profile icon.
  • Click on the icon and choose Advanced / Edit Profiles.
  • Select the profile you want to edit (Normal / Vibrate etc).
  • Find ‘Cnectd’ in the list and set the Ring Tone and vibration to your personal preference.


Why can’t I see Cnectd on my home screen?
On certain phones Cnectd may appear in your Downloads folder. To move Cnectd to your home screen, select the Cnectd application and press the menu key, select Move to Folder and choose Home.


When I am using the application I get Application Permission dialogue boxes?

You have not set the Application Permissions to Allow.
  • Select the Settings / Options icon from your home screen.
  • Select Advanced Options --- > Applications (or just Applications for newer phones).
  • Choose CnectdBlackberry, press the menu key and select Edit Permissions.
  • Choose Allow for all the permissions and save your settings.

If you are requested please reboot your device at this point.