Cnectd Mobile Messenger


How Cnectd Works

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Advanced Messaging Features
Push notifications ensure you will never miss a message and our Real Time Message Receipts, lets you know when your messages are sent, delivered and read.

Cross-Platform Support for Major Smartphones
iOS (Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad devices)

Facebook Connect
Sign up quickly and easily using Facebook to automatically create your profile to ensure that all your facebook friends on Cnectd automatically get added to your contacts when they join Cnectd.

Compression & Security
Our compression and encryption technology makes sending messages even faster whilst ensuring that no personal data is compromised.

Fast & Reliable
Cnectd is designed for speed, efficiency and reliability ensuring your messages arrive on time, every time.

Premium Support
Cnectd offers all its users advanced email support for any queries relating to our messaging product.

Personal Profile
Each user has their own profile including Profile Picture, Status Updates and Display Name which can be updated as you wish. Sign up with Facebook to automatically grab your Facebook profile.

Group Chat
Create and manage your own groups and easily chat with many contacts at once. Share media with groups.